Java interview questions: – Core interfaces of hibernate framework?

This is one of the most favorite Java interview questions of the interviewer. So in the following way one can answer this question: –

Session Interface
This is the primary interface used by hibernate applications
The instances of this interface are lightweight and are inexpensive to create and destroy
Hibernate sessions are not thread safe

Session Factory Interface
This is a factory that delivers the session objects to hibernate application.

Configuration Interface
This interface is used to configure and bootstrap hibernate.
The instance of this interface is used by the application in order to specify the location of hbm documents

Transaction Interface
This interface abstracts the code from any kind of transaction implementations such as JDBC transaction, JTA transaction

Query and Criteria Interface
This interface allows the user to perform queries and also control the flow of the query execution

Following is the video where it is shown practically to implement Many To One relation in database using Hibernate: –

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