What is difference between decorator and adapter, template and strategy, factory and abstract factory?

Decorator and Adapter.

Decorator Adaptar
Used to deal with new behavior or responsibilities without affecting existing code Mainly involved in converting interfaces as per the requirement of client
Provides a wrapper over objects to apply same method which yields different results based on whether the object invoked is granular or composite Allows use of new libraries without changing existing methods
Change of interface does not happen Change of interface happens in this case

Template and Strategy.

Template Strategy
Defines outline for algorithms and allows sub class to override some steps Uses object composition to provide variety of algorithm implementation
Efficient in terms of less redundant code Flexible in terms of allowing users to change algorithm at run time
Depends on super class for methods All the algorithms can be itself implemented

Factory and Abstract Factory.

Factory Abstract factory
Specifies creation method which will be  used by sub class for object creation Used to create group of related objects while hiding actual classes
Deals with single product Deals with number of products
Each concrete factory implements abstract factory in case more than one products needed to be supported Makes uses of factory pattern provided by each family of product


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